As a child, some of my fondest memories were the times I spent working on art projects with my Mother. From making octopus dolls out of yarn to creating dried flower arrangements, the assortment of projects was boundless. As an adult, my interest in art grew to other areas. I have studied Raku, dichroic glass, copper soldering, jewelry making, sublimation, painting, and special effects make up. I am also a graphic artist, a Web designer, a writer, and a teacher for childhood education. No matter what medium I am working in, the colors, textures and shapes draw me into each project, propelling me to go one step further into creating new, innovative designs. I often thought that for an artistic project to be worthwhile, it had to be perfect. Through trial and error, I have learned that nothing has to be perfect. It just has to come from the heart. If it comes from the heart, then the rest of the pieces fall into place