Bruce Levine 

Bruce Levine was born, grew up, and lived most of his life in Manhattan which has been one of the greatest influences in his artwork. Having spent the majority of his life as a composer, writer of fiction and poetry and as a music and theatre professional, his refocusing to painting and photography in recent years has developed as a culmination of these factors into his abstract expressionist style with a focus on color and balance. All of this, plus a love of his predecessors, such as Kandinsky, Miró, Klee and Calder, has lead him to create pieces of high energy and great freedom in his brushstrokes which he achieves with his two favorite “tools” – a 1 ½ inch house-painting brush and a palette knife. Working mostly with acrylic paint, he has been able to obtain a flexible use of media that allows him the freedom to transcend static confines and look to new genres constantly.

“As a part of the musical Avant-garde in New York in the late 1960s and early 70s I was working on bending time. Now, with a paint brush and a palette knife, I am attempting to bend space through color and balance.”