John Koch

Hauppauge impressionist painter John Koch works in transparent watercolor (Aquarelle), oil and mixed media texture painting.  His first work “Castle of Kilkis” was painted in his homeland Greece where much of the artists’ work had to be created under the intense light of a southern burning sun or against the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean.  Now living and painting here on Long Island, he has gone from the studio to the natural surroundings, bringing our landscape to life with living colors. He paints now in finer detail. A keen observer of light and color, Arntian defines what he is feeling with loose brushwork and an almost infinite spectrum of shades.

A number of his works can be found in personal collections throughout many countries such as Germany, Canada, USA, Australia, Greece, Cyprus, Romania and Albania. “I am very impressed with the natural American landscapes and I continue to do my life’s work as an artist."