Julie Doczi

 “I have always been drawn to both art and music. As a child, nothing could get me more excited than a brand new box of Crayola’s! I was inspired by my mother’s art work in creative design and ceramics and enjoyed the art classes I had the opportunity to attend as a child.”

 However, life took Julie in the direction of music. She became a flutist and music educator having taught in the Three Village Schools for 31 years. “My journey into painting as an adult began when I encountered the medium of pastel. Having had the opportunity to study with many fine pastelists, I learned about value, perspective, warm and cool, light and shadow, form and texture. I began to find my view of the world around me opening up in a way never experienced before. It is a joyous experience to put these perceptions onto paper, to capture a scene and ultimately have it achieve its own unique identity.”

 “It is this very potential for discovering uniqueness that I savor, whether it be a small flower, a grouping of trees, sunset or landscape.  In the act of connecting with and rendering the image, I experience the joy of being alive.”