Lesley Bodzy

Amid the chaos of life you encounter a bit of peace. It could be a face, a sunset, or someone’s overwhelming kindness, but it stops you in your tracks and a moment of equilibrium is achieved. Providing these moments in paint is my goal as an artist.
Growing up in Southern California I fell in love with light, so I work to create a luminous atmosphere you can breathe. I am interested in creating a surface full of dynamic rhythms that your eye can dance across in order to entice the viewer in the here and now. I want my viewers centered in the actual moment. I want the very act of painting to mirror the experience of the viewer.  
The most exciting moment is when conflicting shapes and colors form serenity amid the chaos. This, I hope, reminds us we are alive. Moving, breathing, full of stresses in our life, yet for a moment, we can stop and feel the mystery of life. 

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