Louise Millmann

Louise Millmann’s desire to focus specifically on collage began on an 18th Century writing desk located in an old house on Pawley's Island, South Carolina in the summer of 1997. She found a clear narrative forming as she arranged the piles of visual imagery culled from the stack of magazines found in the basement. This small "foundstudio" became a favorite haunt during her brief stay. Since then, she has been "borrowing" STUDIO SPACES all over the world, discovering that her mountains of ephemera had a reason for consuming most of the space in her small NYC studio. Her latest collage series examines her reaction to the surreal political agenda that significantly impacts the fate of woman and children living in the United States. The collage narratives delve into the irrational state of affairs concerning educational freedom and personal safety.

Her photographs have been exhibited alongside Joseph Cornell’s boxes at the Zeiher-Smith Gallery in NYC and she has been actively involved with the multi- national exhibition entitled “A BOOK ABOUT DEATH”. The exhibition was launched as an underground, global art project, at the Emily Harvey Foundation Gallery in New York City. Her collage works featured in A Book About Death are currently in the permanent collections of MOMA, Queens Museum and Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Louise has been teaching photography and experimental digital design classes for the past thirty two years in both the Northport and Jericho school districts. She received a four-year full tuition photography scholarship to the School of Visual Arts in NYC where she received her BFA in photography then completed her MFA + 90 post graduate credits during her teaching career. She has taught specialized classes in mixed media digital photography at the New School, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Guggenheim Museum and Museum of Modern Art. She currently resides in New York City with her husband David Mulkins.