Time May 4 - June 1, 2019

In today’s society, cost-effectiveness, efficiency, deadlines, and other pressures often cause us to rush anxiously about. “Time is money” is an essential value. Visual art cannot literally embody the flow, the passage, or the pressures of time, as potentially can music, dance, literature and other time-based media. And yet the concept and a sense of time are often called forth by still art—whether it be a feeling of instantaneity, timelessness, or something in between. This exhibition seeks visual works that engage the notion of time on some level, whether relating to the concept, the experience, or the evocation of time.  Winners List

Exhibiting Artists: Mary Ahern, Laura Atkinson, Brenda L. Bechtel, John Benjamin, Melanie Berardicelli, James M. Berger, Mary Ann Biehl, Lesley Bodzy, Linda Ann Catucci, Elaine Clayman, Donna Corvi, Aleta R. Crawford, Frances Dia, Paul Edelson, Gabriella Grama, Jan Guarino, Paul Hitchen, David Jaycox Jr., Anne Katz, Dong Kyu Kim, Melissa Kraft, Linda Louis, Barrie Maguire, John Manno, Modern Fossils, Zdeno Mayercak, Paul Mele, Louise Millmann, Margaret Minardi, Karen George Mortimore, Mercedes Nuñez, Julie O'Connor, Eileen W. Palmer, Alan Richards, Michael Sauer, Tod Seitz, Rosemary Sloggatt, Mike Stanko, Christina Stow, Mark Strodl, Linda Trope, Nicholas Valentino, Pamela Waldroup, Nancy Weeks, Joan Weiss, Acquaetta Williams, Constance Sloggatt Wolf, Shiyu Zhang