Susan Kozodoy Silkowitz

Although I developed an interest in Photography in the 1970's, I didn't realize I had a talent for it until much later on.  I became aware of this, like an unexpected gift, about 10 years ago.  Today it gives me great joy to capture a special moment and share it with others.  Through this process, I learn more about who I am and what direction this work may take me.

I took several courses at the School of Visual Arts and International Center of Photography.  Many of the later courses were in portrait Photography, but I also enjoyed photographing landscapes and birds.  I've taken Photography tours to Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, and most recently to Cuba.

I use Photoshop and various filters to digitally enhance some of my work, and do my own archival printing and framing.

Awards include the Fabian (Larry) Adler award (2013) from the Long Island Arts Council, First Prize (2015) the Art Guild "Images of Home", and a Leonard Victor award (2013) in portraits.  I've also had several honorable mention awards.