Winners Showcase 2018 includes the winners of The Fine Art of Illustration and Member Artist Showcase 2016

Fine Art of Illustration was juried by William Low and Member Showcase 2016 was juried by Harlan J. Fischer

Exhibiting artists: Heidi Younger, Joyce Bressler, Cesar Delos Santos, Constance Sloggatt Wolf, Chris Ann Ambery

Freelance Illustrator Heidi Younger has worked for a variety of clients over the past 29 years, many magazines and newspapers as well as corporate clients. Currently she illustrates a weekly column for NY Times titled; The Sweet Spot, where the web version allows her to use animated gifs to illustrate the idea, as well as old fashion print versions. Heidi’s illustrations have been recognized by Communication Arts Magazine, Society of Illustrators NYC, Society of Illustrators West, 3x3, Creative Quarterly among others. "Illustration allows me to translate the world but with an added challenge of satisfying a client and their visual needs." 

Watercolor artist Joyce Bressler paints "alia prima:' that is, directly without pencil. “I want the colors to have spontaneity and crispness. Having been a textile designer at one time, I bring fabric into play, along with natural forms, such as plants, flowers or still life subjects. I am always after repetition, fluidity of design and unusual color combinations. My landscapes attempt to capture light, mood and atmosphere found in the endless number of beautiful Long Island scenes.”

Cesar Delos Santos III is known for his realist renderings of ordinary life. His “simple drama of shadow and light”. His works do not aim at social messages or statements…they focus instead on capturing the beauty in everyday realities. Although Cesar is best known for his New York Cityscapes & Landscapes, he has a passion for painting human figures and faces as well as clay pots, woven baskets and indigenous objects from his native Philippines. The artist brings his subjects to life in both watercolor and oils.

For Constance Sloggatt Wolf, abstract painting is a way of exploring the invisible—the unknowable or indefinable aspects of Life as she perceives it. “Instead of words or sound, I use colors, angles, shapes and forms. I strive to bring forth the archetypal and essential in a painting through the repetitive use of the triangle, the circle, and the square

Chris Ann Ambery is a multi-disciplinary artist who continually explores different techniques and media, often combining and finding non-traditional ways to employ them. The concept of perpetual motion and momentum is inherent in her work. Through the utilization of opaque and transparent layers of line, shape, color and texture she creates dimension and movement within her pieces. Her work explores the figurative as well as the abstract and she is continually inspired by the organic forms and textures found in nature.