Pamela Waldroup 

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a heightened awareness of my surroundings. I take photographs because I want to capture that feeling of being mesmerized by a moment in time so I can relive those feelings each time I look at my work. My camera emboldens me to linger far longer than I might normally feel comfortable. Immediate digital feedback forces me to examine my personal perspective and determine whether to engage in the process obviously or to discreetly observe and record. My photographs are as much about what I leave out as what I choose to include and more about the feelings I have in the moment than the actual representation. Editing my images with Photoshop is akin to being “there” again. I believe an image cannot be created without revealing something about the relationship between the subject and photographer. The placement, the close or distant proximity, the lighting, the shots I choose to keep and the ones I throw away all narrate a search to find order in chaos through intense observation of the accidental commonalities that occur around us every day, in every moment.