See What the Arts Can Open Your Eyes To!

Our programs support artists and the creative economy. We believe creativity is an essential ingredient for the well being, prosperity, and joy of everyone in our communities

Mills Pond Gallery is dedicated to showcasing the artistic development and achievements of our region and the nation. Our exhibitions reach our local communities through classes, special events and community outreach programs that focus on active and collaborative learning. By exhibiting contemporary works of art from local to national sources, we bring arts and people together to discover, enjoy, and understand the nation’s rich and diverse artistic heritage. 

Involvement in the arts inspires tomorrow's creative thinkers. What they learn from their art experience will be woven into their future their eyes to new ways of seeing...and help them to interpret these crazy times we live in! Creative Art Classes at Mills Pond Gallery teach the technical skills of drawing and painting, while sparking a desire for future investigation and learning as a young artist.

Mills Pond Gallery proudly hosts a variety of emerging musicians. Folk acts, singer-songwriters, jazz artists and classical musicians are equally at home in our space. The tall ceilings, historic hardwood floors, and ever changing exhibitions help to create a unique experience for performers and audience alike. With a capacity of 50 guests, our space is particularly suited to acoustic and minimally amplified styles