Maureen Ginipro

Texture, form, images all are important to my mixed media pieces.  Hopefully they convey memories or feelings as they are viewed. Mixed media pieces give me the opportunity to use found objects, old photos, and other bits of life.  I am happy to have them in my art and hope they are happy with their new purpose.

I have always been interested in many forms of the visual arts.  This interest led me to taking many different types of art classes to learn and to find my particular ‘niche’.  Mixed Media seems to be that for me.

My mixed media pieces have evolved as I have taken classes in other forms of art.  Printmaking has given me beautiful backgrounds to work with.  Watercolor has given me painted papers used in the collages.  Jewelry classes taught me metal work.  It pleases me to see all types of art come together as a mixed media piece and hopefully it pleases those who see my pieces.